Mobile Cobotic Production Assistant demonstrated on actual production site

18 January 2023
Jan Kempeneers

Malmar and Sirris have successfully demonstrated the potential of a mobile cobotic production assistant (CPA) in the Recoprodas demonstration project, in collaboration with the Trinity consortium. The CPA was showcased at an inspiring event at Malmar in Lithuania on 24 November, where it demonstrated its capabilities in a real-world production environment.

The CPA is a versatile tool that is able to work on three processes: tapering, projection nut welding, and bending of metal plates. These processes are essential in the manufacturing industry and the CPA has shown great potential in streamlining and optimizing these tasks.

Increasing efficiency and productivity

During the demonstration, the CPA was able to effectively perform these processes with a high level of precision and accuracy. Its mobility allows it to be easily repositioned within the production cell, making it a valuable asset for manufacturers looking to increase efficiency and productivity.

The success of the Recoprodas demonstration project highlights the potential of the mobile CPA as a valuable tool in the manufacturing industry. The Trinity consortium should be commended for creating the opportunity to make such demonstrators possible at European SMEs. Specifically for Malmar, the Trinity project created an ideal opportunity to turn the ideas that existed among production managers into reality.

The following video gives a report of the event:

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