Micromanufacturing opens new perspectives for your products

12 December 2022
Denis Vandormael

3D printing, digitalisation, ultrasonic replication, integrated electronics, ... all these technologies can enhance products, even on microscale! Micromanufacturing offers industrial companies, large or small, potential for the development of new products. The technology radically transforms products and takes them to a world of millimetric or even micrometric dimensions, propitious to considerable advantages in terms of competitiveness.

Micro is the way of future, from consumer products to medical and aerospace devices. Industrial companies are using smaller, more precise and smarter components, and manufacturing methods must adapt to produce these components accurately and cost-effectively. While traditional methods may not work on such scales, micromanufacturing technologies can do the trick.

Micromanufacturing proposes new products that are increasingly compact, discreet, practical, and the production of which means saved energy, resources and costs. It enables maximum and highly specific functionalities to be integrated within limited space. Among the possibilities are: production of very small-dimension optical, mechanical and fluid parts, miniaturisation of complex devices aimed at increasing robustness, reliability and ease of use, together with the minimally invasive addition of supplementary functions (detection, communication, automation) in macro products or processes (smartisation).

Thanks to a combination of resources unique to Belgium, Sirris is the reference technology centre, boasting cutting-edge expertise and world class equipment in micromanufacturing. It deploys its multidisciplinary skills to serve all sectors of activity, towards the marketing of new products or the improvement of existing ones. It guarantees rapid time to market and ROI.

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24.01.2023  Webinar - Multiscale micro-3D-printing – Covering the entire dimensional range of micromanufacturing with a single tool

15.02.2023  Webinar - Micromanufacturing & digitalisation

22.03.2023  Webinar - Ultrasonic micro-replication

23.05.2023  Webinar- In-mould structural electronics (IMSE)

13.06.2023  Masterclass – Hands-on micromanufacturing

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