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How to start with circular economy? Adopt tried and tested concepts!

24 October 2022
Thomas Vandenhaute
The CE Connect learning network actually provided us with the golden key to get started on circular projects. We have written about all kinds of pitfalls before, now we are approaching the subject from a solution-oriented angle. Below you will find a selection of success factors: some are sure to work for your business too, others will definitely make sense or at least give you inspiration.

The kick-off of CE Connect learning network – for the sixth year in a row already - was entirely dedicated to the solution-oriented approach.

We wouldn’t want to deprive you of a list of things that work well and support the circular economy:

  • Visualise both completed projects and projects in progress. It will help to increase the engagement inside and outside the organisation. Think of an eco-label, publications, mention in your annual report...
  • The appeal of your brand name and image will increase through your communication on circular economy projects.
  • Use visible activities and involvement in circular projects to find new motivated staff. Funny how this works to attract both young and experienced staff.
  • Support from and explicit communication by senior management boosts progress in circular projects.
  • Circular economy projects also leverage collaboration across departmental boundaries and disciplines.  
  • Integrating circular goals into personal objectives helps free up time for circular projects. This applies to goals either at departmental level and/or at company level.
  • Go out, check out what is moving, what exists and what is in progress. What is happening around you with suppliers, with customers, on the company premises, with stakeholders... This may give you inspiration and ideas.
  • List all initiatives, projects and actions that have contributed to more circularity. Like many before you, you will be amazed to see what has already been achieved. Build on that.
  • Talk about circularity, talk about your projects, talk about the initiatives... and do so within your organisation and beyond. The more you talk about it, the easier people will come find you for collaborations, to ask for extra info... This also increases awareness of the topic.
  • Enthusiasm is contagious and appealing. Encourage the people who are enthusiastic and let them spread your project initiatives. This can be both in informal (such as at the coffee machine) and formal communication (publication, presentations, etc.). 
  • Tap into the strong power of peer learning. Bring together people who look up to each other to let them learn about circularity from each other.
  • Embrace and welcome new regulations that support circularity. Go in search of these new rules and try to take proactive steps towards compliance.
  • Set attractive and ambitious goals even before knowing how you will achieve them. 
  • Leverage the knowledge and experience derived from your innovation and the learning process that goes with it to explore circular innovations as well. Trust the iterative steps that always result in success or learning.

Now it is up to you...

Our question to you: please share your good practices and accelerate the circular economy. What is working for you? What is going well? What has put circularity on the agenda in your company? What did you implement successfully? Let us know!

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