Van Ambitie tot adoptie

How to deliver on the promise of digital transformation

Peter Verhasselt

Successful launch of ‘Van ambitie tot adoptie – ‘Digitaal transformeren met impact’

On 27 September 2023, our book ‘Van ambitie tot adoptie – Digitaal transformeren met impact’ (From ambition to adoption – Digital transformation with impact) was unveiled at an animated launch event at Bluepoint in Brussels. Our ambition with this publication is to have an impact on the digital transformation of companies, providing a concrete starting point for discussion, collaboration, innovation and new content.

Some insights and reactions from the speakers we heard during the book launch of ‘Van ambitie tot adoptie – Digitaal transformeren met impact’, which brought together some sixty 60 participants:

Lots of options are available, but it is best to keep your actions limited, as there is always an implicit adoption cost. Find a focus and implement a maximum of standard solutions, even as a larger company. Technology comes and goes, but how you deal with technology is permanent. You should therefore make sure to invest especially in expertise. Consider the love and trust of your target audience as essential ingredients of success.

‘Finally, a book that provides an excellent framework, in understandable language, about how to efficiently tackle a digital journey, including the do's and don’ts, as well as real life cases and interviews.’
Bregt Ysebaert, CFO.

‘A digital journey is above all a design where user needs are combined with the technological options, while keeping an open mind. This book provides every business leader with deep insight and ready-to-use templates to roll this out.’
Tine Peeters, Advisory partner

‘Digital transformation is not a nice-to-have for tech companies, but a must-do for all sectors. In fact, if the emerging wave of #AI is to pay off without being just an anecdote, it is a necessary step. This book provides a clear framework for directing digital ambitions towards practical adoption, still too often the weak spot of most digital projects...’
Ivan Verbesselt, Chief Product & Marketing Officer

You cannot wait to read our book ‘Van ambitie tot adoptie – Digitaal transformeren met impact’? It is available in most bookstores and online.

For those who want to hear the key messages of the book in one day, we are organising the masterclass ‘Van ambitie tot adoptie – Digitaal transformeren met impact’ in Ghent on 28 November 2023 and in Leuven on 20 November 2024.

Read more about this masterclass in Ghent and register!

Read more about this masterclass in Leuven and register!

Booklaunch Van Ambitie tot adoptie

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