Get to know Industry 4.0 and its standards

Filiep Vincent
Véronique Dossogne

Industry 4.0, or Smart Manufacturing, is a subject of considerable debate. But, what’s new on the standardisation front? What does the future hold in this specific field? Would you like to find out which standards are of particular concern to your own activity? Sirris has collected the most important information on Industry 4.0 standardisation, including a list of frequently asked questions on the subject. 

Industrial firms all want to improve their level of reliability, their modularity, their flexibility and the interconnections between their products and their production systems. They also look for increasingly intelligent and increasingly flexible production systems, in order to manufacture highly tailored products. It is also generally accepted that distance monitoring of produced goods and the availability of large quantities of information offer businesses potential for launching new services and business models. 

Industry 4.0 or Smart Manufacturing is considered a solution for such requirements; but how can you familiarise yourself on the subject? With support from Federal Public Service Economy, Sirris initiated the Industry 4.0 Standards Cell, in order to inform Belgian businesses – essentially SMEs – of existing standards and those pending publication. You can read more on our Industry 4.0 Standards Cell here. 

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