Fomeco introduces robot in pipe processing operations

01 August 2017
Bart Verlinden

West Flanders-based Fomeco is always looking for ways to optimise its production process. The company wanted to know whether certain steps could be automated. Sirris examined the flow and investigated whether a lightweight robot could take over marking operations.

Zwevegem-based Fomeco specialises in pipe processing. The manufacturer has been a preferred supplier to the automotive industry and machine manufacturers for years. Keen to continuously improve its production flow, Fomeco wanted to ascertain whether certain manual steps could potentially be automated. More specifically, the Zwevegem-based pipe processor wished to find out whether the application of reference points on pipes could be undertaken by a lightweight robot (LWR) positioned adjacent to the operator. It wanted to see whether automation could enhance the reliability of the marking process. Sirris investigated the technical and economic feasibility of an LWR.

In an initial exploration, Sirris identified which manual pipe-processing steps could potentially be automated. One of these was the application of reference points known as ‘red dots’. The experts set up a test rig involving a lightweight robot, for two high-volume products.

Was the test a success? You can find the answer in the references section of our website!

You can read this success story and many others in the Sirris Annual Report 2015.


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