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Evolution of standardisation project on AM of metals–qualification of operators for arc directed energy deposition (DED-Arc/M)

22 November 2022
Guido Heunen
The draft ISO/ASTM CD 52926-5 “Additive manufacturing of metals — Qualification principles — Part 5: Qualification of operators for DED-Arc” has changed from status CD (“Committee Draft” – draft for enquiry, subject to members input) to DIS (“Draft International Standard” – draft for enquiry, subject to public input). This draft specifies the qualification tests for an operator to be certified for arc metal directed energy deposition.

Theoretical and practical tests will be taken for the following topics:

  • Aspects of arc metal directed energy deposition
  • Feedstock activities
  • System set-up activities
  • Manufacturing activities
  • Post-processing activities
  • Quality control

  • Annex: example of a manufacturing plan


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