Evolution of standardisation project on AM on part positioning, coordinates and orientation

Guido Heunen
The draft ISO/ASTM DIS 17295 “Additive manufacturing — General principles — Part positioning, coordinates and orientation” has changed from status DIS (“Draft International Standard”- draft for enquiry, subject to public input) to FDIS (“Final Draft International Standard” – draft for final approval vote). This final draft specifies best practices related to the positioning and orientation of objects made by AM in respect to the reference frame of the AM system at hand.

The document of the final draft provides information on:

  • Machine coordinate systems
  • Orientation and types of bounding boxes
  • Build orientation, position and notation

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As a member of the National Mirror Committee of the Belgian Bureau of Standardisation (NBN) Sirris actively monitors the development of CEN and ISO/ASTM standards and has the capacity to comment and vote as such. The Additive Manufacturing department at Sirris informs the industry on the development and progress of standards, specifically related to additive manufacturing: CEN / TC 438 and ISO/TC 261, and to some extend powder metallurgy: ISO/TC 119.

Sirris can assist you and your company in the implementation of AM standards or your participation  in the development of new standards.   

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