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European recognition for importance of integration of 3D metal printing

13 September 2021
Peter ten Haaf

Every year, the European Commission awards those EU-funded projects, which demonstrate excellence and new approaches in regional development. With the goal of inspiring other regions across Europe, participating projects are in the spotlight of communication activities at European level. Sirris is proud to announce that our EFRO project 'Integration of 3D metal printing' is one of the 25 finalists in the category SMART Europe.

Regiostars awards are the yearly competition organised by DG REGIO since 2008: it has become the Europe’s label of excellence for EU-funded projects, which demonstrate innovative and inclusive approaches to regional development. Each year hundreds of projects compete in five categories: Smart Europe, Green Europe, Fair Europe, Urban Europe, and the topic of the year. This year, the number of applications grew to a record of 214 projects registered, 25 were elected for the finals.

The public can participate by voting for their favourite project among all finalists for the public choice award. By bringing about solutions to common challenges and tapping into the biggest opportunities, the Regiostars have inspired regions to deliver evermore-impactful EU regional policy.

Thematic focus

The REGIOSTARS are awarded to projects in five thematic categories (smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, urban development and a topic of the year).

In 2021, the REGIOSTARS are focussed on five areas that are crucial part of the EU’s regional policy:

  • SMART Europe: Increasing the competitiveness of local businesses in a digital world
  • GREEN Europe: Green and resilient communities in urban and rural setting
  • FAIR Europe: Fostering inclusion and anti-discrimination
  • URBAN Europe: Promoting green, sustainable and circular food systems in functional urban areas
  • TOPIC OF THE YEAR: Enhancing green mobility in the regions: European Year of Rail 2021

Sirris is proud to announce that one of its projects, 'Integration of 3D metal printing', has been selected as one of the finalists of Regiostars 2021 in the category 'SMART EUROPE: Increasing the competitiveness of local businesses in a digital world'.

You think our 'Integration of 3D metal printing' project deserves to be a Regiostar? Vote for us!

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