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You want to manage your innovations!

You want to test your new ideas against the current state of technology. You want to know the long-term prospects of relevant technological evolutions and roadmaps that matter to you. You want to support your portfolio with adequate technology choices and also develop your own roadmap. You want to streamline your innovation process. You want to optimally protect the accumulated knowledge and skills and also valorise these economically. In short, you want your innovations to be sustainable. Sirris is the ideal partner to help you choose, protect and manage your technological knowledge and innovations in all objectivity.
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Drawing up roadmaps

With over 70 years of experience in detecting and underpinning technology industry challenges, we help you understand future evolutions and draw up roadmaps for a specific technology or application domain.

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Intellectual property

Thorough and substantiated advice on intellectual property management and protection (both anteriority searches and patentability) supported by information from specialised databases

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Innovation management

Innovation management tailored to your company including setting up a technology strategy, partner matching, access to relevant ecosystems and associated processes based on best practices in companies

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To realise your innovation ambitions in the best possible way, you can rely on our unique strengths

Patent cell

Sirris' patent cell is recognised by the Federal Public Service Economy and, in addition, Sirris has been awarded the status of Patlib centre (Patent Library) by the European Patent Office since many years
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Pulse Newsletter

A newsletter with more than 700 articles a year, the finger on the pulse for insights and inspiration in relation to the technology and innovations that will shape companies in the coming years

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Partner network

A leading partner network, the most extensive of its kind in our country, consisting of research centres, universities, governments, clusters and other local and international institutions

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Van en voor de technologische industrie

By and for the industry


Our unique position as a not-for-profit technological innovation centre, by and for the industry, guarantees a neutral point of view.

The result? We always put the interests of the companies that reach out to us first!