Solar power

Winsol assesses the options for solar power products

16 April 2021
Tania Drissen

Winsol specialises of shading devices, PVC and aluminium joinery work, roller blinds, rolling gates, garage doors, railings and indoor decoration. The company's objective was to investigate how specific products could be supplied with solar power, knowledge of which did not form part of the core expertise in-house. It approached Sirris for advice.

Sirris experts in mechatronics supported Winsol by assessing the potential theoretical yield of solar energy in the specific situations where the product could be installed. They acted as a sounding board to help Winsol to meet its requirements and extended its engineering capacity.

Accurate estimation

This exercise provided Winsol with information on the theoretical yield of solar panels on the product for the different orientations and situations where sun-protection products are installed . This resulted in an estimate of the potential daily frequency of solar powered operation depending on the season.

“The SolarFix project once again shows Winsol is an innovator, in terms of both technology and aesthetics. This has not escaped the attention of the Red Dot Design jury. The upshot has been an explosion in sales since the products were launched”, said Gwenn Vanthournout, Sun Protection R&D Team Leader at Winsol Group.


(Image: Winsol)


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