Tania Drissen

Senior Engineer Mechatronics

The Mechatronics Team at Sirris is all about tackling complex engineering challenges. In other words, me and my colleagues can help you with the analysis and development of the “physics” part of your system. 

Besides that, I’m happy to support you in defining the requirements for your project, process, system, product, etc. The approach we use will help you to structure all your requirements, make them specific and quantitative, and ripple them down throughout your entire development process, thus making them accessible for all people involved.


  • General mechatronic engineering
  • Requirements and systems engineering
  • Analysis of the challenges in the development of a product or process 

Work experience 

I’ve been with Sirris since 1996. During that time, I carried out industrial projects combining the fields of mechanics, electromechanics, thermodynamics, electromagnetics and fluid mechanics for applications in different industries. These include textile, woodworking, metalworking, food production and building equipment.  I also support companies to write their innovation plans and find partners to realise them.

Good to know: I set up and conducted several collective knowledge transfer projects for the textile, food, mechatronic development, medical and other industries .  


  • Civil electrotechnical engineering div. Mechanics option Mechatronics at KULeuven (1994)

Professional motto 

'Better to think twice about what your real problem is, than to start solving it immediately.'

Fun fact 

I love to play music in a band (flute and bass guitar).

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