Winners Digital Impact Awards revealed

Ludwig De Locht
On 20 October, the first Digital Impact Awards were presented during Digitalize at Antwerp Expo, the event for the digitalisation of businesses. The Awards intend to honour the most impactful digital transformation projects in SMEs. Awards were granted to Contractify, make it fly and Effitrax.

This year's award for the digital transformation project with the most impact for SMEs goes to 'Ada', an AI contract data analysis software developed by Contractify. That software allows SMEs to efficiently monitor contract negotiations and contract obligations.

The User Impact Award for the digital transformation project with the highest user impact was given to 'make it fly' for the Max Mobile Planning platform, which provides a digital, low-threshold solution for workers who are unable to get to work due to lack of individual or collective transport, and for port companies looking for staff.

Finally, 'Connecting Industrial Vehicles', developed by Effitrax, won the Innovation Impact Award. This tool unlocks data from a transport company's fleet, providing the company with a dashboard of data across all devices, enabling it to respond to necessary maintenance but also to fleet sustainability.

The Digital Impact Awards are an initiative of and presented by FeWeb, imec, Unizo, Sirris and WTCB. All of them are part of the 'ICT SME' think tank. With the Awards, the organisations aim to inspire entrepreneurs with digital transformation projects for SMEs. The Digital Impact Awards were presented together with the Digital Champs Awards, an initiative of FeWeb.

“Sirris aims not only to reward companies for their success in digital innovation, but also to support them in their journey towards these successes. It’s not a coincidence that two of the winners of the Digital Impact Awards, Contractify and Effitrax - also runner-up JUMIK - previously participated in Scaleup. Vlaanderen's Ignite group coaching programme, also an initiative in which Sirris is an inspirer and actively involved.” - Gunthram Cornelis, Program Manager Digital Services at Sirris.



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