Verimpex makes money with unbreakable product

18 June 2021
Thomas Vandenhaute

Verimpex makes heavy-duty entrance mats and wishes to continue its focus on solid quality and high functionality. The evolution towards cheap and rapidly changing trendy products is a real challenge in this respect.

Verimpex has been using recyclates and their by-products for years. One of their high-end products is made from aircraft tyres, aluminium and steel cable. These mats easily last 20 years and have an extremely long life cycle.

The search for a product-as-a-service model taught Verimpex that other essential requirements exist in addition to longevity. The degree of personalisation, customisation, modular design, etc. is important to make and keep the business model financially feasible and attractive. This seems to be necessary to limit the risks associated with breach of contract, damage, efficient maintenance, etc. and to reach specific customer segments.


Sirris guided Verimpex through the process to combine the optimal mix of product features and design, customer segment and service/ revenue model. This resulted in the development of a feasible circular product-service combination, which was launched and validated.  Additionally, lessons have been learned through customer interaction, which allowed Verimpex to refine its services in the field of maintenance and upgradeability, resulting in the provision of 'matting-as-a-service'.

The company chooses products that are modular in structure, so they can meet changing trends and customer-specific requirements and expectations at limited cost.


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