Tech Stack Review reassures Glooh over their approach

Nick Boucart
Thierry Coutelier

Glooh Media, a technological start-up based in Liège, offers interactive communication solutions for SMEs on outdoor advertising screens (DOOH, digital-out-of-home). Their platform combines a tool to create dynamic announcements and an easy way to plan and book campaigns - visible hyper locally at neighbourhood-level. The system is enriched with real-time data - to plan, trigger and measure content displayed in context.

The start-up has grown significantly in a relatively short time and therefore wanted to know whether it was on the right path and whether its business was future-proof. The company required the perspective of an experienced outsider, so it reached out to Sirris.

A Tech Stack Review – where the company is required to make the first move – is an unbiased and technology-neutral view of your current technology stack, development practices and product management approaches. It is based on a first exploratory meeting, during which companies are asked to answer a number of introspective questions regarding their operations, ambitions and challenges.

In this case, the insights from the meeting and the Sirris experts’ observations were used to draw up a report, which was proposed to and discussed with Glooh at the second meeting. The Sirris experts put their experiences with similar companies to good use by providing information on cutting-edge options, but most of all reassured Glooh that the company was on the right track - balancing the use of technological shortcuts, reliability and evolutivity.

The Tech Stack Review provided Glooh with useful, substantiated external feedback on their operations, for a limited investment and without having to deal with any small print.

Having the re-assurance that we were doing good, with the resources and the reality of bootstrapping a startup, gave me the confidence and focus to scale our MVPs into a marketable product.”

- Maximilien Veriter, Co-Founder & Head of Product


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