Blockchain cybersecurity

Fourcast studies the feasibility of blockchain deployment in a context of privacy

Annanda Rath

Brussels-based cloud provider Fourcast has worked with Sirris on a feasibility study considering the use of blockchain to guarantee customer privacy in the context of the GDPR. The focus was mainly on ‘the right to be forgotten’.

As part of the project, Sirris conducted in-depth research into blockchain and the GDPR. We investigated whether blockchain and the GDPR can co-exist and attempted to find the answers to four main questions: Is it possible to use blockchain to store personal data and at the same time guarantee the data subject’s ‘right to be forgotten’? What solutions does blockchain provide alongside ‘the right to be forgotten’? Can blockchain be used to erase personal data, either automatically or upon user request? Can blockchain be used to implement reliable and transparent management to provide proof of erasure, proof that the user made the request for erasure, and proof of the user’s consent?

The project resulted in a technical report that answered these questions and provided solutions. Sirris also worked on a state-of-the-art list of blockchain implementations, to identify suitable blockchain technology for use by Fourcast. Sirris also provided a technical report on state-of-the-art blockchain technology.




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