Sirris publishes annual report 2022: Navigating through paradoxes, stimulating and making innovation happen

Marie-France Rousseau

[Brussels, June 1st 2023] – Sirris, the collective innovation centre for the technology industry, announces the publication of its annual report 2022. This report highlights the paradoxes that shaped the previous year, as well as Sirris' commitment to supporting companies in adopting new technologies and managing the associated risks.

" 2022 brought a series of paradoxes" observes Herman Derache, Managing Director of Sirris. "Despite the global economic uncertainty, it was a remarkable year for innovation, as evidenced by the record number of patent applications received by the European Patent Office (EPO). Five of the ten largest Belgian applicants came from universities and research institutes, but this growth in patent applications did not translate proportionally into an increase in innovation projects among companies. If anything, quite the contrary: we observed a 10 per cent drop in major and more risky innovation projects amongst them."

"But it is precisely in these paradoxical times that Sirris fully assumes its role as a collective innovation centre, by helping companies introduce and adopt technological innovations in concrete terms and manage the associated risks" Herman adds. "Direct feedback from our companies in 2022 taught us that our practical and neutral support and sounding board role are necessary - and much needed - in these turbulent times. In doing so, the companies also indicated that we could do with a sharper stance in the fragmented research and innovation landscape, so that our companies find and recognise their 'trusted companion' again."

Jeroen Deleu, Director Strategy and Corporate Development confirms that companies in the technology industry are looking for a neutral partner in turbulent times: "Sirris' in-depth subject focus remains on the so-called 'Twin transitions': the digital and 'green transformations', two themes that have far-reaching consequences for our companies, their value chain and associated ecosystems. With the Green Deal plan for industry, governments have also officially embarked on this course. Given the breadth of impact, it is essential that, as Sirris, we provide companies with relevant industry and thematic context so that they can make informed choices." 

In its annual report, Sirris additionally publishes some 20 examples of concrete and practical innovation projects in the technology industry - from small SMEs to larger industrial players. Technological innovations in artificial intelligence, augmented reality, materials... are all featured as accelerators of innovation within these companies. 

"2023 has announced itself positively" conclude Derache and Deleu: "the core focus of Sirris continues to deepen and we already see it translated into a growing number of concrete industrial innovation projects, for, by and with our companies and partners. It is clear that our companies are ready for the next innovation step. And as Sirris, we are ready to help them, with practical support, keen expertise, state-of-the-art infrastructure and fresh innovative ideas." 


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About Sirris: 

Sirris is the collective innovation centre of and for the Belgian technology industry. Sirris helps companies introduce and implement technological innovations to strengthen their competitiveness. With its expertise, infrastructure and broad network, Sirris supports companies on their way to a successful future. 
The organisation has 150 multidisciplinary experts, eight industrial labs with high-tech infrastructure and has the most extensive partner network within Belgium for innovation in industry. 

In 2022, Sirris guided 1,190 innovation projects and 140 R&D projects for 905 companies - of which over 75 % are SMEs. Sirris gave 115 webinars, trainings and master classes to 2,970 participants, and published 790 inspiration articles on, dedicated to some 20 technologies in five fields of expertise: Product Innovation, Advanced Manufacturing, Innovation Management, Digital Transformation and the Green Transition.  


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