Sirris and Flanders Make are strengthening ties

15 December 2023
Herman Derache

Two complementary partner organisations, one innovation concept for industry

Supporting Belgian technological companies in their innovation projects and enhance their  competitiveness and sustainable growth in the most effective way possible is not something best done alone. Sirris enters into many partnerships because it uses an open innovation model to maximise impact on industry. A particularly important partner is Flanders Make - the strategic research centre for the manufacturing industry. 

Our Leuven branches are neighbours, our new buildings in Kortrijk are a stone's throw from each other and both organisations are present in Hasselt. But what really unites us is our passion for helping companies to be successful by focusing on technological innovation. What we each offer is complementary and we regularly join forces in innovation projects to stimulate and support companies to grow and be competitive in a sustainable way, from research to implementation. We explain how this works below.

Complementary assistance

Companies mostly contact Sirris if they have a problem or experience a challenge in their production process or product for which there are new or mature technologies already on the market that can offer a solution. In short, the Sirris advisors guide you to the successful adoption of new technology that is already available off the shelf.

Companies mostly contact Flanders Make if they have a problem or experience a challenge in their production process or product, either when they already use new and advanced technologies or when they wish to take a step towards an innovative environment that would require new technologies to be developed. In other words, the Flanders Make researchers can support you in both the research and realisation of your next-level innovation.

Our two organisations provide custom innovation processes or feasibility studies to analyse your challenges and can build proof-of-concepts to reveal whether the proposed solution actually works. In addition, we both have facilities for testing production processes under controlled conditions.

There is naturally also a strong interface between these complementary roles. At that interface, we work together on projects as far as possible, where we seek to maximise the flow of new knowledge and new technology to the broader market. In so doing, we combine our complementary roles and market insights to maximise impact on industry and to ensure that companies can take new steps to remain competitive.

Who should you consult?

Are you still unsure which of the two organisations it would be best to contact with your question or problem? Just get in touch with one of us! We will then listen to your question and guide you to the partner best suited to your specific needs.

Herman Derache, managing director Sirris, and Grisja Lobbestael, CEO Flanders Make

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