Research in continuous inline measurements for CEE

16 June 2020
Tania Drissen

CEE, established in Hamme-Mille, specialises in improving the efficiency of energy-intensive production processes. The first is to establish optimised process parameters through simulation and testing in the CEE Thermolab. The company also designs and builds the optimised thermal processes and the necessary utilities.

To develop recipes and optimise the operation of its production equipment for thermal treatments CEE opted for inline measurements on products for its clients. The challenge that the products can vary from food to construction products and waste streams. Depending on the type, shape, moisture content, etc. of the material, a wide range of principles to measure moisture content are required.

Sirris drew up an overview of the various suppliers and their solutions for inline measuring of product parameters. These sensors are being added to CEE’s industrial lines to continuously monitor and optimally manage quality, throughput time, flexibility and  energy efficiency.

"Sirris gave us a clear and useful overview of available solutions, including the data to efficiently come to practical results with different suppliers," says Koen Bosmans, CEO at CEE. "Inline and real-time measurements of product parameters enable us to secure the real result of the process. With the current control of process parameters this was nearly impossible, making the risks for quality and costs in case of failure substantial."



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