Pami successfully implements a circular approach


Pami has been designing and manufacturing office furniture and furnishings for more than 50 years. The company is vertically integrated and has its own Research & Development, Design, Production, Logistics, Installation, Maintenance and Repairs departments. The importance of recyclable material and reducing environmental impact has been a high priority for many years.


Even so, Pami is always searching for opportunities for their range of products and services to further develop circular economy values and principles. To what level had these been implemented and which steps should be prioritised? Sirris and Agoria supported Pami during the search process.


The solid foundation and widespread support within the company meant that a few workshops with representatives from all levels, management marketing, sales, research and development, product design, quality, etc., resulted in rapid progress in two fields.

A five-step concept

Plusieurs stratégies et principes circulaires ont été explorés, ce qui a permis de dégager de nombreuses pistes précieuses. En très peu de temps, une structure a ainsi été mise en place pour une offre circulaire de produits et services, reposant sur les nombreuses bonnes pratiques et les atouts déjà présents dans l’entreprise depuis plusieurs années. Pami dispose désormais d’un cadre dans lequel s’inscrivent aussi les nouveaux produits et services. Entre-temps, le concept en cinq étapes (inventaire, analyse, création, valorisation et recyclage) a également été lancé sur le marché.

Roller shutter cabinets into lockers

A few specific product-service ideas were selected and developed further. For example, the conversion of an existing roller shutter cabinet into a locker, to fulfil our customers’ requirements in a changing market. Furthermore, this upgrade can be completed on-site.  Such a rapid transformation is only made possible by the modular design of the products.


This action resulted in Pami presenting their new profile at the Green Deal Circular Procurement event on 23 May 2018. Contact with other circular procurers and stakeholders will help the company stay on the right track.


Implementing further adjustments to circular revenue models remain a high priority. The company regularly requests external feedback from a wide range of stakeholders.


The approach to test specific direct activities and validate assumptions is thus integrated in the company’s daily operations of the company and will also produce positive results in the future.     

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