New patent information tool launched

24 November 2020
Frank Van den Broek

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has expanded its suite of online services with an online platform providing free access to comprehensive, unbiased, and structured reports on many patent databases. WIPO INSPIRE will help a range of stakeholders in searching the myriad of patent databases around the world.

The recently launched WIPO INSPIRE (Index of Specialized Patent Information Reports) serves as a one-stop shop for information on commercial patent databases. By bringing information on these databases together in one place, innovators, service providers, patent offices and other stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem can make more informed decisions regarding which databases to use. The tool is the result of a public-private collaboration between WIPO, the owners of the databases and patent information user groups.

WIPO INSPIRE is a platform that helps users reach informed decisions on the patent-search tools that suit them best in their work, whether they are examining patents or making R&D related decisions. Patents disclose important technical information that also serves as building blocks for other innovators and innovations. WIPO INSPIRE facilitates this process and in this way, it could help to pave the way for more innovations to move faster to the market.

WIPO INSPIRE offers a range of powerful but easy-to-use functionalities for both novice and expert patent information users. They include a comparison of features for up to four patent databases and an interactive world database coverage map, allowing users to determine, at a glance, which patent databases offer coverage of a specific jurisdiction.

The new tool is integrated with WIPO’s Patent Register Portal and eTISC, providing a seamless environment for users to get information about patent databases and patent registers, and an opportunity to interact with patent information experts and discuss these tools.

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