QRM-Silver-uitreiking bij TVH 2023

New intake of certified QRM Silver trainees

05 May 2023
Pascal Pollet

The QRM manufacturing strategy enables companies to reduce lead times and cut indirect costs in high-mix-low-volume environments. To make people in our country more aware about this strategy, Sirris regularly organises QRM Silver training. Upon successful completion of the training, participants will receive a certificate at an official ceremony at the workplace of one of the trainees. On 21 April 2023, the event took place at parts specialist TVH in Waregem.

Eleven trainees from the course that recently took place in Ghent obtained their QRM Silver certificate. These certificates were presented at TVH, a global player in parts for forklifts, industrial vehicles, construction and agricultural machinery. The company’s strength lies in their stock, services and parts knowledge. They have as many as 46,000,000 items of original parts, alternative components and exchange parts in stock. With the growing importance of electric drives, electronic components have also been one of the company’s specialities for about a decade: its electronics department is the largest in Europe. Electronics parts are produced, reconditioned and repaired here with the shortest possible lead times.

Inspirational tour

The afternoon started with a comprehensive presentation of the company and its operations, with an extended visit to the electronics department and its various testing facilities. For a year now, it has also been home to a lean team that works as efficiently as possible in overhauling and testing larger ranges of electronic components according to standard procedures. In this department, they also want to apply QRM principles to further improve quality and flow, freeing up more time in the lab.

Then it was time for a video-conferencing session with Rajan Suri, the founder of QRM strategy, who first gave a current state of the manufacturing industry and outlined the challenges facing Western manufacturers today, even before the COVID-19 pandemic and current crisis situation due to the war in Ukraine. QRM can provide an appropriate answer to this, but its successful implementation requires an adjustment of 'mindset' that all too often clashes with prevailing traditional mass production thinking.

The event traditionally concluded with the presentation of certificates to the successful trainees in the presence of Rajan Suri via the screen.

Would you also like to delve into QRM and discover what the strategy can do for your business? Twice a year, Sirris, together with the QRM Institute and the cooperation of Rajan Suri, organises the QRM Silver specialist training course, in Ghent and in Diepenbeek. This ten-part course enable you to independently initiate a QRM project, perform the analysis phase and support the implementation. Interested? Be sure to keep an eye on our agenda!

QRM-Silver-uitreiking bij TVH 2023

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