Logistics in production - demonstrator in our application lab

Bart Verlinden
Filiep Vincent
Manufacturing companies consider optimisation of the logistics activities on the production floor as an important driver to remain competitive. However, logistics in production comprises several subaspects. In a blog series, we zoom in on the various challenges and possible solutions. In the meantime, we are building a demonstrator with autonomous guided vehicles (AMRs) in our application lab in Diepenbeek. This is just a sneak preview of what we have in store with our demonstrator.  

Automated transport of parts  

With our demonstrator we automate the transport of parts between the warehouse and a CNC machine tool. We use the MiR200 platform (AMR) for this purpose. The operator on the CNC machine tool indicates which parts he needs to machine. This demand for parts triggers the AMR (digital) to drive from the waiting position to the warehouse. In the warehouse, the warehouse operator collects the right parts and places them in transport trays. He then loads these trays onto the AMR (he scans the correct codes to avoid errors). As soon as the trays with parts are loaded on the AMR, it drives to the CNC machine tool. At the machine, the trays with parts are transferred without operator intervention to a specially designed construction, based on the karakuri-kaizen philosophy. In the same movement, the empty trays are also taken back. The AMR drives back to its waiting position and is available for other transport requests.

Interested? On 23 September 2020 we will gladly give a live presentation of our extensive demonstrator!

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In production companies a lot of operator time is lost searching for parts/products, waiting for material, moving all kinds of things, (unnecessarily) walking around in the workshop, ... Optimizing logistics in production is therefore an important challenge. The team of Sirris experts can support you. Make sure to keep an eye on our article series. Questions? Contact us!

Automating logistics operations helps to support operators in their task. Sirris has a specific testing ground in relation to this theme. 




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