Laser marking and Industry 4.0

21 October 2019
Eddy Kunnen

Using laser technology for marking is growing rapidly. Various suppliers of laser marking equipment are presenting what they have to offer at the EMO trade fair in Hanover in Germany.

The range on display is for smaller equipment for marking individual items, right through to equipment with an integrated robot for sets of items, or fully automated production. In addition to removing coating material in order to obtain a colour contrast, it’s also possible to colour material. The type of laser used depends on the layers, the type of material, metal or plastic, and the final colour required for the mark.

The mark itself serves various purposes, namely logo, sell-by date, numbering, etc. Marking and registering makes it easier to structurally improve the quality of products in an Industry 4.0 environment.

Interested in this new technology? We can show you much more during the launch of our 4.0 Made Real-demonstrator on 7 November. Register here for this event!

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