Conference Belgian Hydrogen Council

'Joining forces on Hydrogen - Belgium, Benelux and its neighbours'

Pieter Jan Jordaens

BHC conference brings together main players in hydrogen

The Belgian Hydrogen Council (BHC) has recently been established to represent the Belgian hydrogen industry on national and international level. It unites the two regional clusters - Waterstof Industrie Cluster in Flanders and H2Hub in Wallonia - and represents the entire Belgian hydrogen value chain. With conference 'Joining forces on Hydrogen - Belgium, Benelux and its neighbours' on 16 October 2023 the BHC wants to strengthen the links with its neighbouring regions.

The ministers concerned will attend the conference to express their support to the Belgian Hydrogen Council and to cooperation on national level.  Present will be Tinne Van der Straeten, Federal minister of Energy, Jo Brouns, Flemish Minister of Economy and Innovation and Philippe Henry, Vice President and Minister for Climate, Energy and Mobility.

Diederik Samsom (head of cabinet to Frans Timmermans, executive vice-president of the European Commission) will present the role of hydrogen in a European perspective.

In lively panel discussions prominent speakers of the top of the Belgian Hydrogen industry and research institutes - Engie, Fluxys, Air Liduide, Port of Antwerp-Bruges, Virya, ArcelorMittal, North Sea Port, DEME, John Cockerill, Accelera, Cummins, Agfa, Bekaert, Van Hool, Solenco Power, Solhyd, Hyve,  Sirris, CRM-group, Materia Nova and UGent & Université de Liège -  will exchange their views on how to accelerate the hydrogen developments in our region.

With this conference the BHC wants to strengthen the links with its neighbouring regions: with representatives of hydrogen councils  from the Netherlands, Germany and France, there will be a discussion on possibilities for cooperation.

Also the ambassadors from Oman and Namibia will attend the conference. They will talk about the cooperation with Belgium on hydrogen supply.

WaterstofNet and Cluster Tweed are organising this conference - under the umbrella of the Belgian Hydrogen Council (BHC). The conference will take place in Dockx Dome Eventhall in Brussels on 16 October 2023 (8.30 am- 17.15 pm) and is free of charge for WIC members! Interested in participating? The detailed programme is available now!

Image: © Waterstofnet


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