Innovation - from hype to reality at Innova Flanders 2022

Benjamin Vandeputte

Innova Flanders, the first European edition of Innova, will take place in Ghent on 15, 16 and 17 June 2022. After previous editions in the United States and Colombia, Belgian innovation enthusiasts can now also gain extensive inspiration and learn from top global experts on the topic.

Organiser Don Keleman of IXL Center Belgium: "Organisations both want and need to innovate, but many are still uncertain about how they should tackle this in concrete terms. At Innova Flanders 2022, we want to inspire all our participants and allow various national and international innovation experts to reveal in concrete terms which approach they will take in the race for strategic growth. So it really is about results and focuses exclusively on innovation."

Unique programme

With a choice of over 50 top speakers, participants can compile their own personal program in line with their sector or interests. Many of these experts will be appearing in Belgium for the first time. And this is not an unconscious choice, as Innova Flanders boasts that the entire three-day conference will be permeated with innovation and insights that the participants have never heard before.

"With our 16 keynote speakers from companies such as Verizon, AB InBev, Trendwolves, Agoria, Sirris, IBM and Vito, we are profiling innovation both at the global and local levels across six central topics: digital transformation, sustainability, employment in the 21st century, robotics, healthcare and education", explains Don Keleman. "During the breakout sessions, we will go into more detail on four themes, each from various different angles and sectors: social innovation, ecosystem innovation, open innovation and innovation management."

For example, the emergence of AI is forcing us to review the existing structures. Whatever happens, these technologies will have an economic impact on people, organisations and jobs. Companies are asking themselves how they can keep pace with these changes, while continuing to stand out and even taking the lead with confidence.

As a company, you need to keep up with this changing system. It’s a new world in which different rules apply; in which industries are challenged by disintermediators who cut costs and unnecessary complexity by introducing digital technology. In order to win, you must be prepared: you need to know how to make the most of the many new data sources that are now available.

Digital technology and AI are having a disruptive impact on every sector and industry, each of which faces its own specific challenges. These are the kinds of issues for which the speakers will be sharing their answers.

Be part of a local, national and global ecosystem

The mission of Innova Flanders is to 'Make Innovation Real' and, among other things, they are doing so by means of a Training Day during which the actual challenges of the participants will be tackled and the companies followed up for a further six months. This internationally acclaimed innovation program is unique in Belgium and is being offered for a fraction of the usual price in combination with the Innova Flanders conference.

"Encouraging innovation within your own company is no simple matter," says Don Keleman. "This is why we're facilitating the expansion of a genuine ecosystem at Innova Flanders, at the local, national and global levels. The connections that can be made here are priceless. And I'm not just talking about the networking opportunities with the global leaders in innovation, but also with like-minded entrepreneurs and companies. The impact of these interactions is invaluable and will be truly beneficial over the long term."

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