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Go for your digital ambitions: learn to communicate efficiently with software developers!

Nick Boucart

Do you have huge digital plans for your business? Do you see opportunities to market a great app or a pioneering SaaS platform? You obviously want to make the most these opportunities, but to do so, you first need to get the app or platform built. Finding developers is a challenge in itself, but managing them can also be a complex task.

Challenge 1 - miscommunication

Technical jargon can lead to confusion and miscommunication between you and the developers. The reverse is also true: as an entrepreneur, you have lots of knowledge about your field, also often laced with jargon. And that, in turn, is a language that developers do not know. It is crucial to clearly articulate requirements and functionalities so that developers can implement them without error.

Challenge 2 - a different work process

Software developers often take an incremental and iterative approach, which can be frustrating if you want a working product quickly. The result? No big bang where the (update in the) app is miraculously delivered, but rather a process of small steps forward, with enough room for validation and adjustment.

Challenge 3 - Estimating time

Besides, giving an exact timing and planning is not always easy. Why is this so difficult and why do developers often take longer to make adjustments than you might expect?

That’s you?

Do you want to communicate more effectively with your technical team members or take your software development to the next level? In that case, our masterclass ‘Starting with SaaS: how to manage developers as a non-technical manager?’ is just what you are looking for!

Designed especially for non-technical entrepreneurs like you, this half-day session offers valuable insights, tips and tricks to better handle software development and your technical team members. The masterclass covers topics such as:

  • A modern software development process in a nutshell
  • What technical steps are involved in getting an online platform and/or app online
  • Efficient and effective communication of functions: job-to-be-done and user stories
  • The role of product management
  • Tips for hiring your first technical staff
  • How to measure and improve the performance of your software development?
  • How to give effective feedback to your team members?

Get inspired by our experienced speakers, improve communication with your technical team members and discover how to measure and improve the performance of your software development!

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