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19 January 2024
Christophe Michiels
Tatiana Galibus

Come join us in our exclusive hands-on Cybersecurity 4.0 workshop

More and more companies are investing in operational technologies (OT), connectivity and cloud-based data solutions to improve their manufacturing processes. It creates many opportunities, but also increases the risks and the importance of cybersecurity. Just one attack can have a major impact, from system downtime to lasting reputational damage. Maintaining security requires continuous learning and agility. To help manufacturing companies tackle this problem, a research project was started: ‘Cybersecurity 4.0: Strategic and case-specific cybersecurity - for Industry 4.0 in SMEs’.

In a connected digitised world, cybersecurity is not an option, but a critical factor for business continuity and reputation. This is why research partners from Belgium – Sirris and Howest - and Germany – FIR and IDA initiated the VLAIO CORNET COOCK project Cybersecurity 4.0. It aims to enable SMEs to secure their connected production systems and Industry 4.0 applications appropriately.

Specifically for the Industry 4.0 context, the project develops an accessible, low-threshold and SME-oriented cybersecurity framework, techniques and tools (with proven ROI), guidelines, a demonstrator and learning environment. This leads to lower costs of cyberattacks and data breaches, to the ability to comply with cybersecurity requirements and to increase trust of partners. The project focuses on the most vulnerable and least addressed domains of cybersecurity for Industry 4.0: operation technology, supply chain and data exchange.

CyberSecurity 4.0 develops a pragmatic approach to enable these SMEs to secure their connected production systems and Industry 4.0 applications appropriately. In this context several deliverables were realised, such as a demonstrator integrating all project results in the connected manufacturing lab of Sirris and the HOWEST living lab. 

Exclusive hands-on workshop

To allow user group members of the Cybersecurity 4.0 project to gain experience with this demonstrator, Sirris and Howest will organise a free and exclusive workshop on 21 February and 27 February 2024. This workshop is specifically designed for SME manufacturers and their production technology and cyber-security technology providers. You will get a hands-on experience with our Industry 4.0 security demonstrator, based on a representative connected shop floor with several  modern and legacy machines in the Sirris lab in Kortrijk. The typical scenarios you will explore include interconnections that may occur within the industry 4.0 ecosystem, such as data exchange with office networks, remote access, connections to remote sites, integration of (I)IoT devices and more. 

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In order to participate you need to be a user group member of Cybersecurity 4.0 and register. Not a member yet? Contact to join the user group.


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