Evolution of standardisation project on standard practice for AM part positioning, coordinates and orientation

20 October 2021
Guido Heunen

The draft ISO/ASTM CD 52921 'Additive manufacturing - General principles - Standard practice for part positioning, coordinates and orientation' has changed from status CD ('Committee Draft - the first draft of the standard development committee) to DIS ('Draft International Standard' - draft for enquiry, subject to public input).

The purpose of this draft is to specify how parts are positioned and oriented in respect to the three-dimensional coordinate system of the AM technique. The coordinate system can be Cartesian, polar or otherwise defined. This draft is intended to be compliant with the principles of ISO 841 ('Industrial Automation Systems and Integration - Numerical Control of Machines - Coordinate System and Motion Nomenclature').

The document addresses the following subjects :

  • coordinate systems for AM machines with different build directions
  • rule for positive rotation
  • bounding box
  • initial build orientation
  • orthogonal orientation notation
  • representation of part location and initial build orientation
  • representation of part location and reorientation

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