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Evolution of standardisation project on AM - principles, characteristics and test methods

Guido Heunen
The draft ISO/ASTM CD 52927 “Additive manufacturing — General principles — Main characteristics and corresponding test methods” has changed from status CD (“Committee Draft” – draft for enquiry, subject to members input) to DIS (“Draft International Standard” – draft for enquiry, subject to public input). This draft specifies the main requirement for testing and characterising of metallic, ceramic or polymer parts manufactured by additive manufacturing.

The document provides:

  • A list of quality characteristics of parts and the corresponding test procedures.
  • Recommendations on the scope and content of test and part supply agreements.
  • Information on monitoring the process.
  • Annexes on test methods for metallic, polymer and ceramic materials including the following:
    • Definition of criticality of part
    • Surface requirements
    • Geometric requirements
    • Mechanical requirements;
      • Hardness
      • Tensile strength
      • Impact strength
      • Compressive strength
      • Fatigue strength
      • Crack extension
    • Physical and chemical property requirements
    • Performance criteria and quality characteristics

In addition, the document contains a comprehensive list of standards for various (mechanical) testing and characterisation methods.

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