The 'Economical cutting speed' model put into practice

27 April 2022
Samuel Milton

On the online platform 'Model-based machining' you can find calculation models that use information from tool life curves for finding the most economical cutting speed. This lets you select the most cost-effective machining process. We are organising training courses to help with the practical implementation of the calculation models.

We offer you a choice of two training courses (mainly Dutch and English):

  1. A half-day workshop in which the theoretical basis of the calculation model is explained and its practical implementation demonstrated on a lathe. After the workshop, a participant can try this for themselves at their own company.
  2. A masterclass consisting of three sessions (three half days), in which we not only demonstrate theory and practice, but also provide individual supervision at your company. After the masterclass, you will already have the first optimised turning operations.

The online platform 'Model-based machining' was developed as part of the COOCK project 'Model-based machining', which was recently begun with support from VLAIO.

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