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Collaboration is key to further secure OT

Tatiana Galibus

In recent years, the ever-increasing interconnectivity and automation in industry has generated a totally new reality in the Belgian industrial world. Since IT and operational technology (OT) are getting increasingly interwoven, an increased awareness around securing machines, robots and other automated equipment is required. Especially in the past year, great strides were made in this field.

“2022 was a breakthrough year in increasing the level of cyber security in the industry”

The ongoing development of Industry 4.0 is causing a true transformation of business. Sensor technology, Internet of Things, automation, and machine-to-machine communication are being implemented in more and more so-called ‘Factories of the Future.’ With booming digitisation and connectivity, new opportunities are being created at a record pace. However, this trend undeniably increases the complexity of technological development and the need for cyber security measures. 

In an article, published in Cyber Security Coalition's annual report we discuss the situation and how Sirris can help companies to realise their innovations and reap the benefits of technology: by building bridges between industrial players and technological innovations, we facilitate progress. 

In reality, this support very often comes down to guidance around the development and implementation of cyber security in an OT environment, to help participants to take steps forward quicker, an approach that has proved to pay off.

Interested to know more on the situation and trends regarding cyber security in the Belgian industry, and Sirris's position and contribution here?  Read the full article in the annual report here


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