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The ecosystem of the manufacturing industry

You are an integral part of the manufacturing ecosystem. Whether you are a manufacturing company, a logistics partner, a builder of machines/tools, a supplier of Industry 4.0 technologies, or you provide professional services to these companies

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The digital services sector

Your company is active in digital services, SaaS, online platforms and e-commerce. You have, manage or contribute to these services (consultancy, development, supplier of various services, etc.). You process (confidential) customer data.

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CyberActive - together for a resilient Belgium

Belgium is a highly innovative country, which is also in the heart of Europe. This makes us an interesting target for cybercriminals. CyberActive is a collaboration between Sirris, Howest, UCLouvain and VUB, that aims to share cybersecurity expertise and skills with manufacturing companies and the digital sector using training courses and other customised teaching means.

What will you learn?

  • Countering ransomware, intrusions and data theft and increasing the cyber-resilience of your activity.

  • Exploring and understanding the essential investments and action plans in cybersecurity, adapted to your SME, independent status or major company.

  • Discovering the regulatory landscape that applies to your activity and knowing better how to remain a partner of choice in your value chain.

  • All thanks to the courses delivered by Cybersecurity experts who know your sector and its challenges and who provide you with customised content.



Securing tomorrow: Mastering NIS2 compliance in cybersecurity

  • Are you prepared for the NIS2 directive coming into effect in October 2024? Check our video on the 6 crucial cybersecurity actions every SME in manufacturing and digital services must take to stay secure and compliant.
  • Discover how implementing these measures can protect your network, secure user accounts, and ensure resilient cybersecurity infrastructure—preparing your business for the future today.

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Do you know your risks as a company in the manufacturing ecosystem?

  • Fraud by (pretending to be) the CEO or FEO - Suppose you receive an email from your CEO or FEO containing an urgent request for a bank transfer. Would you be ready to doubt its validity? Cybercriminals pretend to be managers in order to encourage you to transfer funds. 
  • Your ideas, methods and processes are central to your competitive advantage. Cybercriminals attack these intellectual resources
  • Don't allow IT pirates to paralyse your production chain, for example following a ransomware attack.
  • Your reputation: your most precious asset. Confidence is money, and cyber-vulnerability is costly inflation. The confidence of customers and relationships with partners are compromised.
  • Your cybersecurity is as strong as the weakest link. In the complex network of supply chains, your vulnerability can become everyone's responsibility - and expose you to serious financial claims if you cannot deliver in time. 




Protect yourself

  • The rise of home working and IoT devices is opening new frontiers for the effectiveness of the manufacturing sector - and for cybercriminals.
  • The cost of a cyberattack goes beyond the immediate fraud or ransom demands. The consequences can exhaust resources and require considerable investments for the recovery and the renewal of defences. 
  • Regulatory penalties can be more than a slap on the wrist; they can knock you off your feet. 

Do you know the risks as a company active in digital services (SaaS, digital platform)?

  • Data protection breaches - Digital services companies often store customers’ sensitive data, which makes them preferred targets for data theft, which can entail significant financial and reputational damage.
  • Phishing attacks - The employees and customers of digital platforms and 
    e-commerce can be victims of phishing scams, which leads to unauthorised access to accounts, to your social media pages, and to sensitive data.
  • Ransomware - This type of malware can stop you from accessing your own systems or encrypt precious data, by demanding a ransom to reestablish access.
  • DDOS attacks (distributed denial of service) - Excessive traffic can be sent to a company's digital platform, making it inoperative and causing interruptions of service and financial losses.

  • Cross-site scripting (XSS) - Attackers can inject malicious scripts into web pages consulted by users, which can lead to data theft or the diversion of user sessions.

  • "Zero-Day" type exploits - You can be vulnerable to attacks that exploit previously unknown vulnerabilities in the software or hardware, before the company has had a chance to apply a correction.



Protect yourself

  • SQL injection - Attackers can exploit vulnerabilities of the backend database of a website to access data or corrupt them, which is a serious risk for e-commerce websites.
  • Internal threats - Employees or subcontractors with access to the company's systems can, intentionally or not, cause security holes, leading to data theft or system damage.
  • Supply chain attacks - Attackers can target weak components of a company's supply chain, by accessing the company's systems and data through suppliers or third-party software

Inform and train yourself on cybersecurity

CyberActive responds to the needs of the manufacturing sector and digital services by allowing them to increase the level of awareness and training in this field by means of:

  • training sessions in class or on line (webinars)
  • inspiring and instructive videos
  • publications for downloading directly from our website.

CyberActive supports you and helps you to face up to the challenges of cybersecurity in a regulatory environment that is changing and to increasingly present threats.

Optimize your investments

> Subsidised training courses

The FPS Economy and the European Union (NextGeneration EU) are covering the financing of these tools and teaching sessions.
Make the most of this unique opportunity to get free* training with the help of the cybersecurity experts of Sirris, Howest, UCLouvain, and VUB. 

> Customised courses for proper risk prevention

Our experts will inform you about the most critical topics for your organisation so that you can invest in specific and appropriate actions to improve your cyber-resilience and cybersecurity. NIS2, CRA (Cyber Resilience Act) and other jargon used in the field will soon hold no secrets from you and you will know how to best handle them.

For cybersecurity that is taken on and assimilated among your teams, activate your cyber skills with our training courses.

* These sessions are offered to you free as part of the campaign of information and prevention financed by FPS Economy and the European Union (NextGeneration EU), that you can consult on

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