Redefining security: unlocking the power of zero-trust architecture in smart manufacturing

In this online session, we will delve into the revolutionary concept of zero-trust (ZT), a paradigm that transforms conventional security models by instilling the principle of never trusting and always verifying. ZT deployment in smart manufacturing is still in its early stages, presenting challenges in principles, architecture, and implementation. Sirris experts, well-versed in ZT and smart manufacturing security, will demystify complexities, offering insights to design a secure and reliable ZT architecture (ZTA).

What can you expect? 

  • Why should we move towards zero-trust (ZT)? 
  • What are the important steps towards ZT? 
  • Identifying critical challenges of zero-trust architecture (ZTA) implementation. 
  • Recommending strategic schemes for comprehensive ZTA realisation. 
  • Outlining a simplified process model for transitioning from a perimeter-based security to ZTA. 
  • Discussing ZT security for NIS2 compliance.

During the session, we will present a wide range of viable options for successfully implementing the ZTA model in its true sense. Our discussions will delve into the role of authentication and access controls as key principles of ZTA. Furthermore, we will provide thorough discussions on cutting-edge techniques for authentication and access control, along with insights into conventional methods of security automation and encryption as additional tenets for deploying ZTA. 


  10:00 Welcome and “tour de table” 
  10:10 Part 1
  11:00 Break
  11:10 Part 2
  11:50 Q&A session

Working language: English.

For whom? 

This online session is meant for decision makers, R&D staff, production responsible, … in mechanical engineering and manufacturing companies. 

Join us to understand the significance of zero-trust in securing your digital landscape and how our expertise can facilitate a seamless transition to a robust and reliable zero-trust architecture.

Would you like to know more about zero-trust? Read our article!

The European Digital Innovation Hubs are an initiative of the “Digital Europe” programme, co-financed by the European Commission and Wallonia. This event is organised in the context of the eDIH WalHub, 101083685 project. 



21 March 2024 10:00 - 12:00


Free, but registration is required

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21 March 2024 10:00 - 12:00


Free, but registration is required

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