4.0 Made real pilot factory

4.0 Made real by Sirris

Industry 4.0 means 'digital  manufacturing' for your company and makes your production line faster, more flexible and more efficient. By chosing and implementing the right technologies in your industrial applications more 4.0 innovation possibilities appear, This way you are able to respond to the main trends, such as advanced customisation and mass customisation.

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4.0 Made real pilot factory

Our 4.0 Made Real Pilot Factory

We share our learnings, insights and our tips and tricks in a realistic industrial environment. Experience the innovation and technologies our 4.0 Made Real high-tech infrastructure has in store for you: 4.0 Made Real, from concept to realisation! 

4.0 Hasselt

9 digital building blocks

By digitising your production and processes you can reach a more personalised level, hence reacting to the customer's changed role in manufacturing. You can connect your machines and start efficient and smart manufacturing with a digital infrastructure. An intelligent and automated stock management becomes a possibility as well. Thanks to the implementation of IoT and an innovative data architecture you will be able to make your shop floor transparant and your operator will be able to guarantee the quality needed and reach a better time to market.

AM integrated demonstrator
Novel data architecture
EID gateway to certification
Connected machines
Transparant shop floor
Integrated quality assurance
Operator assisted manufacturing
Novel manufacturing technology
Machining 4.0

Your own 4.0 Made Real journey!

Sirris fills the void in practical know-how, shares its insights and makes its high-tech infrastructure available to the Belgian technology industry. We are happy to share our knowledge and expertise with you!

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