Up to the standard? Best to be sure!

What safety requirements do you follow when you design your machines? Which environmental regulations do you apply? When it comes to standards and technical guidelines, you can never be too careful. Our specialists, a team assembled by Sirris and Agoria, are keeping track of the latest developments for you.

They can help you to implement Belgian and international standards in practice, and they defend the interests of the Belgian industry – and, by extension, your interests - in European standardisation committees.

Well-founded advice

Our experts also sit on Belgian mirror committees, where they can monitor the developments taking place within European standardisation committees. If an international standard changes or if new features are to be added to it, they inform the Sirris or Agoria member companies that could be affected. The companies can then issue comments or opinions for Sirris to pass on to European level.

Standards cells

Sirris has set up a number of Standards cells, with support from the Federal Public Service Economy and NBN. Standards cells are services, provided by knowledge centres such as Sirris, that exist to inform Belgian companies – and primarily SMEs – about current and future standards. At present, we have patent cells that deal with standards on:

  • General safety and quality of machinery and equipment
  • Application of (European) regulations by manufacturers of construction products
  • E-health
  • Energy efficiency and eco-design of products
  • Elektrotechnique
  • ICT
  • Internet of Things
  • Process Equipment
  • Transport
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Blockchain & AI
  • Industries 4.0
  • Smart Cities
  • Cybersecurity
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