Cyber security for digital services

Masterclass Cybersecurity - SaaS, Digital Platforms, Software

This in-depth 8-week learning journey for digital platform builders teaches you how to safely step into application security and DevSecOps. It consists of 4 masterclass modules and supports you with an actionable step-by-step roadmap towards trusted digital services and personal coaching. We deliver the knowledge in a pragmatic, hands-on format, bringing you deep insight into all security aspects of the software development lifecycle. 

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation but
only a few minutes of a cyber-incident to ruin it.”

Stephane Nappo, global CISO of the year 2018


Why does cybersecurity matter?


    More and more companies are using digital services, where they need to trust their providers to keep and exchange sensitive data safely. This need increased after GPDR legislation came into effect. But are these operations actually safe on your digital platform? By having robust and well documented cybersecurity you stand out in a purchasing process, especially when dealing with corporates.
    Cybercriminals are wreaking havoc with increasingly aggressive and tech-savvy methods. The result: data breaches are on the rise – and it’s not just about financial data. Well aware of the risks, organisations turn to digital services providers who adhere to strict cybersecurity requirements, such as the upcoming NIS 2.0 EU Directive. No trust, no game. The only way to avoid losing customers and attract new ones is with secure-by-design services.
    Today, over 80% of security breaches are due to human factors. In other words, the importance of cyberliteracy in your team can hardly be overestimated. The good news: it’s more about culture and collaboration than about technical solutions. That’s why developers play such a crucial role. Since they often operate in small teams with diverse tasks and without dedicated security specialists, we have worked out a programma to help them start  with application security and DevSecOps.

For whom?

The course is aimed at digital service startups and scale-ups in all sectors in Belgium. We will focus on CEO's, COOs, VP sales, VP marketing, developers, QA engineers, support 

Do you recognize your company in the following situations?

  • You link unsecured products to other online software.
  • The basic authentication is missing.
  • You do not have access to the back-end of the cloud services you rent.
  • A third party puts your app in the app store.

4 masterclass modules 

14 hours of expertise. The courses are recorded and will be available afterwards. Main language = English


  • Standards, paradigms and maturity models 
  • Are you protected? A baseline scan 
  • OWASP  introduction
    • How to design and develop secure applications
    • Intro to OWASP ASVS
    • Building security requirements: OWASP SKF
    • Getting reliable and practical  information: OWASP Cheat Sheets
    • Writing code that is safe and sound: static code analysis


  • Keeping our app secure, while continuing to develop new functionality 
  • Integrating security into the CI/CD pipeline 
  • Categories of security tools and how to integrate them in CI/CD 
  • Intro to SonarQube and OWASP ZAP 
  • Demo of a security pipeline using Gitlab CE 


  • Using mobiles in a corporate environment
  • Low code platforms
  • Secure design of mobile apps
  • Mobile app taxonomy and specifics
  • Tools and roadmap to secure mobile app development


  • DSOMM recommendations and good practices
  • Setup your environment in a correct way
  • Guide to monitoring : core cybersecurity metrics 
  • Hints to cloud-based security controls 


Practice sessions

10 hours of applying the new knowledge. Every 2 weeks we propose a live Q&A and coaching sessions.

Lessons learned

How the industry leaders tackle cybersecurity? Listen to real-life experiences from attendees. Hosted at 4 participating companies.

Homework discussion

Apply hands-on skills every week after the theoretical module. We’ll discuss your challenges in the coaching sessions.

Network experience

Break out rooms, discuss with colleagues from your sector.

Expert advise
& micro-coaching

3 in-house experts give you advise on a specific topic of choice.


Not sure if it’s the right fit for you?

Contact Tatiana Galibus for a detailed programme and any other questions. 


Detailed daily program

We are still working out the details at this time. Check back soon for an update!


02 February - 06 April 2023


The participation fee for this masterclass is € 450 (ex. VAT) for companies based in Flanders, thanks to the support of VLAIO in the framework of the Industry Partnership. Participants from outside Flanders pay € 1500 (ex. VAT).

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02 February - 06 April 2023


The participation fee for this masterclass is € 450 (ex. VAT) for companies based in Flanders, thanks to the support of VLAIO in the framework of the Industry Partnership. Participants from outside Flanders pay € 1500 (ex. VAT).

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