What you can learn from the first TechStack Belgium Survey

Nick Boucart

On 20 May, during TechStack Belgium's Open Space, the results will be shared of a survey Sirris conducted among more than 60 Belgian tech companies. In this post we will offer you a little sneak peek!

If you read tech blogs or attend conferences for developers, you may get the feeling that a new programming language or provider emerges every month. When, as a CTO or Tech Lead, you are responsible for managing a team of developers, it is difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. Let us help you!

Over the past couple of weeks we conducted the first TechStack Belgium Survey, in cooperation with our partner Skyscrapers. In it, we surveyed 67 Belgian companies to get an overview of their tech stack. Apart from all hypes, we are looking for the nuance: what do people who build digital services really use?  

Rollout in Belgian companies

We also break down the results by type of company, because not everyone has to work like a Silicon Valley giant. Regularly conducting such a survey in the future will also allow us to see which trends are emerging and which are disappearing.

You can notice it by how tech companies are 'deploying'. Traditionally, this was done on their own servers, then virtual machines came along. The so-called cloud 1.0 was mostly unwieldy and slow, but since the introduction of Docker and Kubernetes about seven years ago, almost every cloud provider offers containers.

In a nutshell, these, like physical containers, allow a cargo to be packed much more conveniently. It may not be clothing or food, but the code of an application together with the associated configuration files, libraries and dependencies needed to run the app.


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