Technical assistance for replacement of coating system at Atlas Copco

19 March 2021
Joey Bosmans
Arantxa Penninger

Atlas Copco, a manufacturer of compressors and compressed air systems, was facing a challenge: replacing the on-site coating line in Wilrijk to add a protective coating to certain components of the compressor. Atlas Copco called on Sirris to provide their knowledge and expertise in coating and automation, to assist in this complex task.

Sirris first performed a process analysis which mapped potential options for improvement, focusing on improving process efficiency and shortening lead times. This was achieved by optimising process parameters while retaining the current coating or by using an alternative coating and/or process.

Evaluation of ten alternative coating options

No fewer than ten alternative coating options were evaluated in an extensive study in conjunction with various paint suppliers. These coating options were considered to match the current system and provide additional advantages in terms of lead time and flexibility, taking into account costs, yield and environmental aspects.

All ten coating options were applied to test parts and subjected to extensive quality testing according to Atlas Copco's specifications. Following a thorough evaluation of the results, additional tests have been started in conjunction with a few paint suppliers, to further evaluate the coating options on complete compressor parts.

Sirris intends to continue assisting Atlas Copco, with the potential implementation of a new coating and further development of the paint system.


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