Rockfon tests product quality

Joey Bosmans
Arantxa Penninger

Rockfon is a leading manufacturer of acoustic suspended ceiling and wall solutions. The company needed more certainty over the quality of its products.

Rockfon – part of the Rockwool Group – came into contact with Sirris for the first time at an Open Lab Day. They discussed the options to subject the Rockfon products to quality testing.

Initially, coated profiles and galvanised suspension systems were subjected to a salt spray test and a condensation test, for classification according to EN 13964, the product standard for suspended ceiling systems. The tests demonstrated that all Rockfon products easily comply with the criteria set in the standard.

Simulation of a swimming pool environment

The quality tests were expanded to test ceiling tiles, to assess whether the tiles were appropriate for use in swimming pool environment. In order to simulate such an environment, Sirris set up a test environment based on the condensation tests, but with chlorine added to the water. The free chlorine content and the pH of the water were checked daily during the test. After the pre-determined test time period, the tiles were subjected to tests to determine water absorption, swelling, loss of structure, colour fastness and potential mould formation.

Sirris determined that there was no question Rockfon products had fulfilled the product requirements.


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