Quality tests for Alpinter aluminium tent frames

Hilde Krikor
Kurt Beghyn

Alpinter is a specialist in the development and production of tents and relief goods for humanitarian purposes. As the tents are often intended for areas with demanding climatic conditions, Alpinter applies a policy of continuous and proactive quality testing of its end products. During the development of a new, high performance multifunctionaL tent, the aluminium alloy for the frame was subjected to extensive tests.   

Alpinter supplies, among other things, tents and other relief goods to national and international NGOs, UN organisations and government bodies from all over the world. The tents are used to provide shelter to victims in areas affected by conflict or natural disasters and must therefore meet very strict quality standards. The products are therefore regularly and intensively tested to ensure that they are resistant to natural elements such as wind, rain, snow, ... It is important that the aluminium in the tent structures has a certain minimum strength.

Guaranteed end quality

For a new tent concept - the XPERT High Performance Tent, developed in 2019 - Alpinter wanted to check the strength of the aluminium frame and alloy type of a new supplier. For the characterisation of the aluminium alloys Alpinter therefore called on the Sirris test lab for materials in Zwijnaarde. Sirris carried out the necessary tests for the company as a neutral testing body.

Quality testing process 

The experts from the quality lab tested the tensile strength on the samples of the tubular structure supplied by Alpinter for the aluminium frames of the new tent concept, with typical dimensions from 24 m² to 72 m².  These tensile tests made it possible to check whether the aluminium had received the correct heat treatment and whether the correct material was supplied.

The entire process went smoothly, with a turnaround time of five working days and a detailed report with test results. The analyses showed a deviation in the tensile strength value of the material of one of the suppliers. On the basis of the test report, Alpinter was able to make the necessary adjustments. In this way, Alpinter proactively ensures that the performance of its tents remains guaranteed in the future.

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