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Smart connected products enable us to optimise operations & maintenance, ensure safety, reduce cost, make a more sustainable use of natural resources, etc. By design, smart connected products evolve more rapidly than their traditional counterparts. Your company too can benefit from the smartification of your product offer, with a little help from Sirris.

The trend of connectivity and smartification of products is unstoppable. Smart connected products are all around us, i.e. smart lighting, intelligent thermostats and home appliances, sustainable building management, smart city solutions, connected health trackers, energy and water solutions, autonomous drones, AGVs, smart glasses, ... The list is endless, and still growing.

What is the main enabler for the increasing connectivity and smartification of products? This is due to the fact that a large number of technologies have matured and have become available for industrial use. Think of wireless communication (such as BLE, LoRa, 5/6G, ...) for the Internet of Things. Or computationally powerful and energy efficient sensors enabling edge computing. Or AI and advanced data analytics, enabling the extraction of relevant knowledge from raw sensor data.

Proof of concept

With new technologies, come new challenges and risks. Between the intention of companies to connect and smartify a product, and their first minimum viable product (MVP), there is a gap. Before building the first MVP, a number of choices have to be made, such as relevant and verified technologies, experimentation platform, set-up, business model, legal aspects, ... Sirris can help you to bridge that gap with proofs of concept.

Proofs of concept enable you to experiment with specific technologies and selected environments, to uncover unexpected behaviour and identify hiccups, and outline different possible business opportunities. In short, with a proof of concept, you avoid reckless risks, loss of money and waste of time.

A proof of concept for smart & connected products touches upon many different domains of expertise: digital product strategy, software engineering, data analytics & AI, embedded systems, product development. Therefore, multidisciplinarity is key to success. Sirris offers you the expert knowledge and infrastructure you need to develop your proof of concept.


From business idea to smart product

Being a product builder, smart products can take you in many valuable directions, but which idea does your company want to invest in? And how do you avoid a situation where your smart product innovation costs more than it delivers? Ask us your questions or find out about how other entrepeneurs are being smart about it here on our website



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