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The new Sirris, sharper and more relevant than ever, at the service of companies

18 September 2022
Herman Derache
Jeroen Deleu

Founded by Agoria and managed by the technology industry itself, Sirris has always put the interests of Belgian companies first. In short, we support them to make technology happen – resulting in about 1,300 innovation projects a year. But in recent times, the world has changed fundamentally, forcing us to step up our game. The result: a renewed brand identity, with lots of assets to better support companies with an appetite for technological innovation.

A world on the move

“Resource scarcity, climate change, the energy crisis, disrupted supply chains, hybrid working, evolving consumer behaviour … business challenges pop up all around”, says Herman Derache, Managing Director at Sirris. “Blink your eyes twice and the world has changed as many times, so to speak. Within this context, it’s becoming increasingly hard for companies to stand out from the crowd, to stay one step ahead. Even more so if they have to do it on their own. That’s why more than ever, Sirris acts as a hands-on companion for technological innovation – the ideal way to differentiate a company and achieve sustainable growth.”

Unique offering for technology adoption

“Technological innovation is a risky and resource-intensive business”, clarifies Jeroen Deleu, Director Strategy and Corporate Development at Sirris. “In times when risks and resources are very delicate topics, we want to provide peace of mind. That’s why we grant extensive support to companies that reach out to us. To illustrate, we give them direct access to over 150 multidisciplinary experts and 200 partners, open up our 8 industrial labs, and share tons of specialised inspiration.”

“Meanwhile, we’ve set up an industrial community with Agoria – the federation of the Belgian technological industry – to better align our services. By doing so, we aim to ensure Belgian technological companies, who represent 320,000 employees together, are fully equipped to realise their innovation ambitions.”

Renewed identity, renewed style

Accessible, inspirational, audacious, dedicated, accurate … these are just some of the core values that form the heart of Sirris’ renewed identity. They weren’t chosen at random. Instead, they are the result of an in-depth strategic exercise. Herman Derache: “We had thorough conversations with companies, key clients, government bodies, partners, Agoria staff members and, of course, Sirris colleagues too. We’re all in this together. And we’re convinced that, based on their feedback, we’ve chosen the right course.”

The adjusted course is reflected in a few key communication initiatives:
  • A clear-cut website so interested companies can quickly find their way to relevant areas of expertise, industrial labs, partners, and Sirris experts.
  • An industry-leading content platform to share insights and inspiration about the technology that will shape business in the next couple of years.
  • A refreshing visual style to highlight our dynamic mindset and to align our designs with the type of organisation we’ve become.

Enjoy browsing our website, gathering ideas on our content platform, and feasting on some eye candy with our new designs.


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