Jeroen Deleu

Director Strategy & Corporate Development

I love to help people realizing their dreams and aspirations. In my role at Sirris, I focus on innovation and the strategic renewal of companies, the development of organizations and the practical impact on business and people. As a business researcher, I focus on the strategic flexibility of firms and the link with their organizational legitimacy.

If you struggle with a wicked organizational problem or an ambiguous strategic issue, or you simply want to discuss an idea that might be interesting, I will gladly explore possible scenarios towards a positive next step with you.


  • Strategy in its various manifestations
  • Innovation management
  • Organizational design
  • Team development

Work experience

As a physicist, I started at IMEC in a researcher's role. Various internships abroad let me evolve towards a senior project leader building bridges between research and industry. At Sirris, I have worked in various roles and functions with a broad range of activities, such as helping companies with their (technology) strategy and organizing R&D portfolios. I am currently member of the general management of Sirris.


  • physics
  • economy / MBA
  • philosophy
  • research management

Professional motto

“Strategic greatness thus does not come from heroic individuals, grand visions, and imaginative leaps but, rather, from the strategist’s attention to the mundane, the trivial.” – Richard Whittington, 2018

Fun fact

But let's not be too serious. I'm actually a musician and a qualified cook 😊.

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