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New QRM Silver training to start soon

Pascal Pollet

A new QRM Silver training series on quick response manufacturing (QRM) will start in the spring of 2023. This course will enable you to independently initiate a QRM project, go through the analysis phase and support the implementation.

Quick response manufacturing is a company-wide strategy aimed at reducing lead times on the shop floor and in office processes. The strategy was developed specifically for 'high-mix-low-volume' companies. QRM allows products to be brought to market faster and improves competitiveness by reducing costs and improving delivery performance and quality.

Practical approach

The training consists of nine knowledge modules spread over four full days. The first half of the training focuses mainly on learning the basic principles, methods and tools of QRM. The second half of the course focuses on practical application and implementation skills. Through hands-on simulation exercises, participants experience the power of QRM principles. Testimonies from the business world make it clear what implementing QRM means in practice. The training will be given in Dutch. Participants will occasionally get homework assignments.

During the training, much attention is paid to soft skills and change management. As a result, after the training, participants will be able to independently initiate a QRM project, go through the analysis phase of a QRM implementation and support the implementation. 


Following the training, participants can take the certification exam of the international QRM Institute if they wish, thus earning the 'QRM Institute Silver' degree.

The course is organised by Sirris in collaboration with the QRM Institute.

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