LifeLine, a life-saving wearable

19 April 2022
Olivier Gramaccia
Thierry Coutelier

The idea came up out of a failed adventure taken by one of the two founders, Hadrien Dorchy, who spent hours bobbing around in the sea with no ability to make contact with the mainland after he lost his windsurfing fin.

Satellite geolocation

After the incident, Dorchy decided to launch a start-up to develop a wrist-worn wearable that could issue an alert via satellite from anywhere on Earth. To date, the company founded by Hadrien Dorchy and Antonin Rovai, who has a PhD in mathematical physics, has raised €1.4 million and has taken delivery of its newest prototype wearable from Sirris. The company has a wide range of testing and development in the works in the run-up to the release date this year.

This wrist-worn wearable will be able to withstand the extreme conditions likely to be encountered by practitioners of extreme sports when in areas with poor or no mobile signal.

The wrist-worn wearable will be offered with two optional data plans, working via an app linked to the wearable – one pricing system based on prepayment for emergency signals, and another subscription with an annual fee, which includes rescue service coordination and insurance policy.

To follow this up, the inventors are already working to develop a wrist-worn wearable and app offering additional safety-related services (weather reports, wind speed, etc.) and a sensor that can be programmed to trigger an alert in the event of difficult conditions.


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