How to find the right IoT solution for your smart product

28 April 2022
Pieter Beyl

Do you want to implement an IoT solution for your product or simply get a better idea of what it would require in terms of technology? Sirris will gladly help you on your way.

IoT technology is more widely available and more mature these days. Therefore, the barriers for product builders to expand their products with sensors, connectivity, AI, cloud applications and apps is also lower. It does not mean that you can simply buy the IoT solution ready to go and attach it to your product. But you don’t have to start building all the hardware and software from scratch either. So what are the choices and steps to make to fit your product with the right IoT technology?

Requirements, requirements and more requirements

No adequate solution without understanding the problem. What are your requirements for the IoT solution, and why? Sometimes you have to go back one step in order to move two steps forward. However, don't put the cart before the horse: don’t just say which wireless technology you think you need, first define which systems need to exchange which data and how quickly, how often, etc. This is the set of requirements, from the sensor to the (cloud) application, which allows to develop a suitable architecture and appropriate technologies for the solution of your choice.

Feasible, but not at any cost

For many applications, the technological feasibility of an IoT solution is no longer a killjoy. The question should in fact be whether a solution can be provided within certain budget and whether the cost involved is proportional to the value (additional income, cost reduction, etc.) you think to accomplish with the IoT solution. Fortunately, many building blocks are already around and all the underlying hardware and software does not necessarily need to be developed from scratch. However, these blocks still need to be developed, adapted or at least integrated for the intended application. Before embarking on such developments, you should identify the main risks in terms of value and cost and effectively eliminate those by means of proofs-of-concept.

Keep track of the development

Chances are that you will need to call on one or more companies to build the hardware and/or software for your IoT solution. You don't actually need to have all the expertise in-house, but you do need to keep track of the development to make sure the solution meets your company's needs. Always make a realistic cost estimate, not only for the development, but also for the maintenance and possible expansion of the IoT solution.

Look before you leap

This masterclass is organised under the 'Industry partnership'.
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