Gra-fix develops fixation coating for gravel

15 April 2020
Patrick Cosemans

Gra-fix approached Sirris with the idea to use a coating to fixate gravel on driveways and garden paths to create a rigid surface and to prevent the formation of tracks. After the development process Gra-fix is planning to offer the fixation product through DIY centres and construction companies.

In order to have a place between garden and construction products, the product had to be offered as a concentrate or ready to use, it should allow easy application using a hand sprayer and should be environmentally friendly. In addition, the product should fix the top layer of the gravel without penetrating too deeply into the substrate, dry quickly and preserve the natural appearance of the gravel. 

Optimised formula

In collaboration with Sirris, a suitable binder was selected that was formulated by means of co-solvent and additives into a suitable end product. During the optimisation process, important parameters were taken into account, including wetting, flow, gloss, viscosity, consumption,…

In order to check the mechanical strength, field tests were carried out by Gra-fix. After the last adjustments in formulation, Sirris brought Gra-fix into contact with a coating producer who will take on the production of Gra-Fix. 

The product will soon be on the market. 


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