A Code Cracker that fits Anziplast like a glove

04 May 2021
Bas Rottier
Gunthram Cornelis

In the light of the 'Stay Connected' innovation project, the West Flanders injection moulding company Anziplast invites 15 stakeholders and an external guest to an online R&D talk every month. Sirris gladly participated in the pilot session and established a link with the Crisis Code Cracker.

With its R&D-talks, Anziplast wants to move innovations to the top of the agenda. At the same time, it wants to focus on connecting with suppliers and knowledge partners. It's a great idea, and one that we're happy to get our teeth into. Three of our experts took part in the first R&D talk, which on this occasion coincided with the intake interview of the Crisis Code Cracker. Dirk Vanherck from Anziplast and Sirris expert Bas Rottier share their experiences during the first phase of the project.

A new vision on innovation

Anziplast is a supplier of customer-specific injection moulding products. The company is active in two worlds: automotive and non-automotive. "Many of our customers are large suppliers of car manufacturers," says sales manager Dirk Vanherck, who is also project manager for Stay Connected. "We supply them with small to large, mainly technical and functional parts. Our products in non-automotive are very diverse."


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