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The corona pandemic. Brexit. Globalisation. Climate change. A crisis can have a considerable impact on how you operate your business. Business leaders all want to know the best way to deal with crises, and the best way to create the resilience needed to emerge from them even stronger.

Sirris can help. After all, a crisis can also be an excellent opportunity for restructuring your business, exploring new markets or contemplating innovation. If you want a partner to show you the way, then find out what the ‘Crisis Code Cracker’ action plan can do for your business.

Crisis Code Cracker
Will it be good for your business?
It all starts with an exploratory discussion.
We will first identify your requirements and challenges and assess your expectations.
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A brief overview of the Crisis Code Cracker

The Crisis Code Cracker is a 3-step action plan adapted to any business in the technology sector. The process seeks to increase your business’s resilience, supported by practical and solution-based recommendations. This process has already supported over 90 companies to make the appropriate choices concerning technology and innovation.

In-depth interview
Experts in your particular field will identify the opportunities of new technologies, innovations and cross-partnerships for your business. This allows you to make smart choices with full insight.
Advisory report
We help you turn new opportunities into priorities with a clear and well-founded report, suggesting practical solutions and putting them together in a realistic playbook.
Get going with Sirris’ assistance and guidance. Future-proof your business with the support of over 160 in-house experts, all of whom with their own large network of partners.
What topics will be included?
The Crisis Code Cracker’s concepts will be chosen according to your needs and objectives. In our experience, the topics most likely to come up include:

Product innovation

What can I do to adapt my business faster to changing market demands?

Process innovation

What can I do to optimise product development, production processes or industrialisation?

Sustainability and ecology

What can I do to create added value by increasing the sustainability of my production process?

Product management

What can I do to improve the way I market my products so that they are more relevant to my target group?


Are there any interesting partnerships and convergences in my company’s value chain?

This is what participants say

“A time of crisis is the perfect moment to take a good look at your business, products and processes. The inspiring in-depth interview and practical advisory report produced many valuable ideas and trains of thought that we can now put into practice. I believe these will be of great value to our business in the years to come. Sirris also identified many opportunities for co-venturing projects. It was a very positive experience with a high return.”
Bart Maeyens (Modular Lighting Instruments)

This is what participants say

“The Sirris team immediately immersed themselves in our story. As a result, the Crisis Code Cracker has given us many new insights, in particular around how to improve our business’s resilience. They also gave us some ideas on solving some of our current technical challenges. The cross-references to other suppliers were also particularly useful for us. As a result, we've been able to significantly reduce our project's research time.”
Gilles Desmet (STAS)

This is what participants say

“The Crisis Code Cracker has provided us with a number of routes that may be useful to us in the future. Concrete innovations, both for our coordinating group, CRM Group, and for our new business unit, CEOs 4 Climate. With Sirris we have a partner who listens to us, without self-interest, and who has a proven track record in innovation. That is invaluable.“
Roland Maes van IT-dienstenbedrijf CRM Group, zaakvoerder

This is what participants say

“Anziplast recently launched ten innovation projects with which we want to prepare our company for the future. Sirris’ Crisis Code Cracker therefore came at the perfect moment. The intake interview and the report are guaranteed to reveal things that you hadn't thought of yourself, or that go beyond what you had in mind. As a company, you may have a clear plan in mind, but there may also be another way. Sirris combines an enormous know-how in various domains with an extensive network. And they do it in a sublime way. This is how we saw a fruitful interaction develop right from the start.“
Dirk Vanherck (Account and Project Manager at Anziplast injection moulding plant)

This is what participants say

“Sirris’s Crisis Code Cracker was the perfect opportunity to more thoroughly reflect on the challenges our company is facing. The action plan encourages you to set priorities and structure your ideas. This will always lead to more insight and overview. The helpful feedback, additions and suggestions from the interviewhelped us converge this process. In turn, the report and debriefingwere a useful tool to list up some strategic investments and options. The Crisis Code Cracker did not involve any administration for our business. An additional advantage is that it is completely free thanks to the support from POM West Flanders.“
Rik Claeys (CEO Foundries and Workhouses Alidor Claeys)

This is what participants say

“The current economic situation is difficult and totally exceptional. We must react quickly and focus on the operational aspects of the business as a priority. It is not easy to have sufficient insight afterwards to make important strategic decisions, when there are for certain opportunities to seize. Sirris’s approach, the Crisis Code Cracker, helps managers to make decisions that are conducive to getting through the crisis and preparing for the future. Sirris is a partner with a proven ability to innovate, who listens objectively to us. It is precious to have such a partner at our side in such extraordinary times“
Geoffrey Ducrocq  (Sales & Management HTP Europe)
Crisis Code Cracker
Will it be good for your business?
It all starts with an exploratory discussion.
We will first identify your requirements and challenges and assess your expectations.
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Supported by

The Crisis Code Cracker is for any business in the technology sector. We can offer the programme free of charge to companies in West Flanders, thanks to the support of the West Flanders Provincial Development Agency (POM West-Vlaanderen) and their relaunch plan. We will keep you updated on initiatives around relaunch funds and financing for the technology sector.

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